Sneha Jyothi
A home for the orphan kids

As you know orphans are God's own special children. By making these children happy we tend to please God. Each one of us shall strive to dispel the darkness and despair in these children and light the lamp of optimism and hope in their lives. Our SNEHA JYOTHI ORPHAN CHILDREN'S HOME (R) is an asylum for 30 such destitute children. As charity begins at home let your charity start from our Home. You may contribute whatever possible towards their upliftment and make your lives meaningful.

About Us

SNEHA JYOTHI ORPHAN CHILDREN'S HOME (R)was started on 19th March 2010 at Thagachaguppe Village, out and out a remote area situated at the outskirts of Bangaluru City. It is pathetic to find that in this area and its surroundings there are a lot of orphaned children without food, shelter or kith and kin. They are left to eke out their livelihood by working in houses or even worse begging in streets etc.


Get Involved

It is estimated there are 300 million children worldwide who are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse. Over 143 million of these children are orphans: children from birth to 17 years old who have lost one or both parents. These are children subject to disease, child labor and child trafficking.


Some true stories

My name is Manjunatha, age is 6 years, studying in 1st Standard, father name is Kumar, mother Gowri. My father was murdered, with a big size stone thrown on his head. At the time of my father's death, I was 3 years old. In a few days my mother consumed poison and she also died. At that time, my age was just 4 years. My father and mother were from different caste and they loved each other and married. My grandmother Venkatamma quarreled....


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